PSC DV Promix 3 Pro

Equipamiento en Alquiler

1 Mixer Promix 3
1 Portabrace
1 Auriculares Cerrados Sennheiser
1 Kit de cables (XLR)
1 Bolso
Alquiler Equipos de Sonido Mixers PSC DV Promix 3 Pro Rental Buenos Aires Argentina

+ Info

  • Mixer de Audio Portátil (3 Canales)
  • Professional, balanced XLR microphone input connectors
  • Very low noise microphone pre-amplifiers with switchable gain for Line level signals
  • Dynamic microphones or Condenser microphone use
  • 48PH microphone power, switchable on each input
  • Channel assignment (Pan) switches on each input
  • Two position Low Frequency roll off filters on each input to reduce wind noise
  • Smooth, ergonomic fader pots with non-slip rubber knobs
  • Bright sunlight readable, LED meters that are color-coded for easy use
  • Tape/direct monitoring for confidence that your audio is being recorded to tape
  • Professional, balanced XLR outputs that are line or microphone level switchable
  • Output limiters for camera overload protection
  • Dedicated Microphone level output jack for use with cameras not equipped with XLR's
  • Tape return jack for monitoring audio back from the camera
  • 2x 9V battery operation for easy field use
  • Robust aircraft aluminum case
  • Convenient carry case and strap included

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